(Kids Kickers)

On behalf of myself and the staff, I would like to welcome you to our sessions. I would also like to take this time to inform you of the following policies, some new and some that are in need of enforcing again:

1. Team Fees: The payment deadline for team fees is week #3. Your team will incur a $50 late fee if your balance is not paid in full on week #3. ALL team fees must be paid prior to the start of week #4. No game will start if there is an outstanding balance on week #4. Unfortunately, over the past year many teams have taken advantage of our loose collection practices.

2. Referee fees: Any team that does not provide a 48 hour notice of game cancellation will be responsible for all referee fees that the center incurs. The game may, or may not, be rescheduled.

3. Players Cards: ALL players must have a current OSC Players Card to participate at this facility. I have informed all referee’s to strictly enforce this rule. If a player is caught playing without a current card that player will be banned for the remainder of the session. The cost of a player’s card is $15, $10 for a replacement (once a regular card has been purchased for the year) and $3 for a temporary card (good for the day of purchase only and only after a regular card has been purchased for the year).

4. Team Registrations: Each session a new form needs to be fully completed by the team manager. A second team contact is needed on each form. This has been a consistent problem in the past. The team registrations are my emergency backup to contact teams with any change of schedule due to various reasons or in case of emergency closure.

As many of you already know, I welcome any, and all, feedback. Please do not hesitate in contacting me with your questions, concerns, comments, etc. Thank You for your patronage and as always, enjoy the session!

Jeff Dexter, Manager.